About Us

About Us

Wood bags with Ukrainian heart

Bag design that comes from inside of Ukrainian heart. What is it? It’s full of life and colors, It breathes like nature, it attracts sincere emotions. Timeless and truly beautiful.

For your different beauty

Who are we?

ROOT is a brand of wood bags from Ukraine 💙💛

ROOT is here to say you’re different from the others and you should be proud of it! Your difference is beautiful like nature. ROOT is different like you. 

Connection with nature.

We love what we do as we do it for you with an open Ukrainian heart.

Always original design

Timeless fashion

You and your natural beauty is our inspiration! We believe every woman is beautiful in it’s own way. It’s own different way.
We want you to forget the things you are ‘supposed’ to wear and be your beautiful self.
With sincere love,
Sasha Soroka
ROOT bags wood bags with ukrainian heart

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