Eco-brands. What it is exactly ?
Eco-brands. What it is exactly ?

What does “eco” mean to you?

Now it becomes a trend to be eco-friendly. And it can’t stop us smiling.

However, many people and companies explain being eco by creating a green logo and putting on a label “eco-friendly”. But doesn’t it sound more like green washing and since when sustainable development is about good marketing?

Sustainable development, is it about good marketing?

Sustainable development, in other words, self-sustaining way of living. It is a way to provide ourselves with resources with minimal damage to nature. So to say by recycling or reusing existing resources. An eco-friendly product in manufacturing will still produce damage to nature, but it is our task to minimize it, in best scenario to zero.

ROOT bags wood bag original

Natural materials do not always mean that it is environmentally friendly.

To understand if it’s an eco-friendly material we should always ask ourselves:

Where were those materials brought from? How was it transported? What is the production process?

For example, wood is a renewable resource, because it can grow. Therefore, we can call it eco-friendly material. The wood we use to make ROOT bags  are the remains of ash local carpentry production. So we reuse this wood and thus minimize the production’s damage to the nature. Production using felt and bamboo will have a slightly greater damage to nature, but still incomparable to the mass market production.

So can we call ROOT the eco-friendly brand?

ROOT is heading more towards being a conscious brand rather than to green marketing. We are not in hurry to put on a green label, but we definitely stand for minimizing damage to the environment!

What are your thoughts? Waiting for lively comments!

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